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Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox: The Milwaukee Modular Storage System is a durable storage system. The PACKOUT 3-Drawer Tool Box has a 50lbs weight capacity and a locking security bar allows you to padlock the drawers closed keeping them securely shut during transport. It is a portable toolbox that has drawers and was designed to be very durable.

Milwaukee Drawer Toolbox

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The tool box is constructed with impact resistant polymers, all-metal ball bearing slides, and metal reinforced corners for ultimate jobsite durability. The 3-Drawer Tool Box also allows you to customize their drawer layout with Quick-Adjust Dividers.

The PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System allows you to customize your storage system for easy transportation and organization of tools and accessories.

Milwaukee PACKOUT

Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox For Locksmiths

I love my Milwaukee PACKOUT kit, kits and all my bits and pieces. I am super happy now. Had the two drawer the other day. Just got my three drawer in. Absolutely in love. I’m revamping how I do everything. This goes into the truck, the service truck nicely, goes into the shop nicely. I’m looking at a racking system. I’m happy with my wheeled cart. Getting older. We have a lot of apartment buildings.

I have my PACKOUTS for my mailbox kit, my deadbolts, and I just modular how I do things, or just grab it out of the truck or out of the shop. I don’t keep a lot of my safe opening gear in the service truck. I keep it in the shop. When I need it, I take out what I need and go to the job site. So this is gonna be great for locksmiths. I can lock it on the job tighter in the truck. Just added security. I have the smaller drawers, which is good for my pin kits. I don’t need the big drawers. This is gonna be full of deadbolts, Adams rite, the larger locks. This’ll be the, more the specialty lockout tools, maybe more the cylinders.

Milwaukee PACKOUT

Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox For Locksmiths

My mailboxes are in a special PACKOUT already. So this will be like the different pin kits, my medical pin kit, my multi lock pin kit. So this will hold my more specialty tools, my pin kits, my medical pin kit, my lab pin kit. This is gonna be interesting. So I’ll start working on getting it all together. This is going to be great. I will have more videos coming on how I am setting up all my locksmith tools and gear and the stock into the kits.

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Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox

Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox For Locksmiths

Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox For Locksmiths